Green Transponder

Green Transponder

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Transponders are used for track timing and the placement of the race cars as they cross over the start/finish line (transponder loop) each lap and the are mandatory to race at Tri-City Motor Speedway.

  • TCMS uses the Westhold brand transponder.
  • Transponders can also be purchased at the Tire Barn during Test & Tune practice sessions or race nights for $154.64 or $150 (cash discount).
  • No charging necessary. Replaceable internal battery (battery life 1-2 years, depending on usage.
  • Caring for transponders is important for achieving it's maximum life.
    - Take the transponder off of the car and store it in a warm area during the winter.
    - Transponders are not waterproof and need to be removed from the car when washing.
  • TCMS warranties transponders for one year as long as the transponder doesn't have physical or water damage.

Here's what a properly mounted transponder pouch looks like.

  • TCMS requires your transponder be mounted on the RIGHT side and back of axle tube and in an orange transponder pouch.
  • The pouch is to be mounted on the right side of the axle center housing and on the back side of the axle tube.
  • The pouch can simply be zip tied to the axle tube with heavy duty zip ties.
  • The flap on the pouch goes upward.
  • The transponder goes in the pouch in a manner where the writing on the label would be readable as you put the transponder in the pouch.
  • Most TCMS transponders have a pink arrow that would point toward the ground.

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