Driver Earpiece - Rookie

Driver Earpiece - Rookie

  • $25.77

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The RACEceiver Rookie Driver Earpiece is a mid-level stereo earpiece that has terrific sound quality. It’s light, easy to carry and will drop in your pocket! The earpiece has rubber tips that fit into the ear to help reduce outside noise. And It comes with three (3) sizes of replaceable rubber tips for a more custom fit. The cord is designed to fall down one side of the body depending on the side you are wearing your audio device. It also comes with an extension cord for versatility.

This mid-level earpiece is perfect for the rookie driver who uses the RACEceiver in a lower noise environment. It’s great for other devices like Ipod, MP3, portable CD players and radios.

This is not the recommended earpiece for Drivers in an extremely loud environment.

  • TCMS uses the default RACEceiver channel of 454.0000.
  • Click here to view RACEceiver instructions.
  • Driver earpieces can also be purchased at the Tire Barn during test & tune practice sessions or race nights for the following prices:
    • Rookie Driver Earpiece - $25.77 or $25 (cash discount)
    • Semi-Pro Driver Earpiece - $51.55 or $50 (cash discount)

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