Radiator - BeCool

Radiator - BeCool

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BeCool Radiator:

35014 - 28" Single Pass
35022 - 24" Dual Pass
35023 - 26" Dual Pass
35024 - 28" Dual Pass

The Hard Core Circle Track radiator series is a short line of radiators that feature an extra durable, dual 1” core for maximum cooling and extended durability. They feature wide spread coverage for all popular racing chassis applications. Like all Be Cool radiators, each one is 100% pressure-tested and shipped in expanding foam packaging.

Their tanks are constructed of 0.080-wall, circle track-style aluminum with non-epoxy construction for high heat rejection and extended life. Each one includes a billet filler neck with a high-capacity overflow tube and single or dual pass construction.


What's Included:

  • Best Performance & Value Dual 1" Core
  • Epoxy-Free Construction
  • Easy-Fill Billet Filler Neck with High-Capacity Overflow
  • Folded & Tapered Tanks
  • Single, Dual, or Triple Pass Design
  • Slip-on or AN Thread Inlet Openings
  • Universal Cradle Mounting
  • "Twist Resist" Upper & Lower Protective Core Rails
  • OEM-Size Inlets & Outlets
  • Pressure Tested



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