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Our Story:

Tri-City Motor Speedway is a family-friendly racing venue that offers circle-track stock car racing late April through early September.

Tri-City Motor Speedway first opened in 1947 after the coal mine shut down the year prior. The track closed in 2004 and sat vacant. Steve Puvalowski purchased the track from an auction in 2009 at the age of 24.

After the track closed in 2004, the property was abandoned and vandalized. Steve renovated the track and the property for 18 months with a small crew of friends, relatives and hired help. The all new Tri-City Motor Speedway was reborn on June 17, 2011 as a 3/8 mile dirt oval race track. 

Tri-City Motor Speedway provides quality weekly entertainment for all ages, while continuing to give back to the community.


Company Facts:

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Steve Puvalowski - CEO/Promotor

  • Pronounced: POO-vuh-LOWS-kee
  • Email: (989) 316-6804
  • Steve handles all media inquires, internal and external sponsorship sales and race track related inquires. 
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Erika Puvalowski - Marketing/Business Development

  • Pronounced: air-RIK-a POO-vuh-LOWS-kee
  • Email: (989) 316-6804
  • Erika handles all internal marketing and finds new ways to expand business operations and reach out into the community.
  • Erika operates the following programs: Donation Requests and other special events reaching out to the community.
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Volunteer/Community Involvement:

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  • Personal Volunteer/Community Involvement:

Steve Puvalowski 


Erika Puvalwoski 

  • Committee Involvement: (past or present) WakeUp! Midland, Marketing Advisory Committee for Midland High Schools.
  • Midland Connected: Reality Store and Ready, Set, Get Hired.
  • Fostering Hope (Royal Family Kids): marketing committee leader and club mentor.
  • Volunteer involvement: (past or present) Diaper Alliance, DECA Judge, Delta College Scholarship Reviewer.


Logos, pictures and videos must be used within reasonable standards as relating to Tri-City Motor Speedway. Logos may not be stretched, distorted or altered in any way. The logos and graphics are for use specifically by media outlets for editorial purposes and cannot be used for commercial purposes or reproduced without our permission. 

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