About Us

Experience the Difference! Tri-City Motor Speedway hosts Friday night stock car racing late April through early September.

We Believe

“Our mission is for local short track racing to thrive so future generations can experience our passion for the sport.”

Integrity of the Sport

We will help keep the industry alive, honor the rules of the sport and create good working relations with others expressing similar core values.


We will keep racing affordable for both racers and fans while making improvements and renovations with cash on hand to ensure our business is stable through all economic times.


We will consistently treat everyone as equals and with respect. Pricing, rules, payouts and expectations will be provided in advance and will be honored.


We will provide entertainment and a facility that is safe, clean and appropriate for all ages.


We will build deep rooted relationships and give back in ways that will make a positive difference in our community.

Time Management

We will provide a precise show and entertainment that respects everyone’s valuable time.